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State Records Available in SCERA

Here you can find a list to all state records currently available in SCERA. The list is arranged by record group, then by the records in that group which are currently available. Please check this list regularly, as new records are being added on a regular basis.

State Records

African-American History Monument Commission

Recordings of Commission meetings, 1996-1999

Recordings of public hearings, 1997

Recordings of Selection Recommendation Committee meetings, 1998

Born-Digital Records, 1999

Agriculture, Dept. of

CD-ROMs of the Dept. of Agriculture’s website, 2002

Portraits of the Commissioners of Agriculture, 1904-2005

American Revolution Bicentennial Commission

Audiotape of the Charleston, S.C. Bicentennial commemoration, 1973

On the Road to 76, 1975

Archives and History, Dept. of

Map Collection

Oral history transcripts of the Robert E. McNair gubernatorial administration (1965-1971), 1979-1983

200 Candles, A Bicentennial film, 1975

Record set of agency publications, 1997-2005

Andrew Jackson address, 1979

Teaching American History files, 2001-2012

Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), 1971-2017

Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER) and other intensive property documentation, 2013-2018

Survey of historic resources (compliance project data on surface properties), 1979-2019

African-American Heritage Commission

Annual meetings and events file, 2006-2008

Photographs, 2006-2008

Arts Commission, South Carolina

Minutes of the South Carolina Arts Commission, 2001-2010

Attorney General’s Office

CD-ROMs of the Attorney General’s website, 2002

Budget and Control Board

Audits of state agencies, 1990-2007

Minutes and Attachments of the Budget and Control Board, 1940-1998

Publications, 2007

Commerce, Dept. of

Published directories of South Carolina industries, 1999-2002

Comptroller General

CD-ROMs of the Comptroller General’s website, 2000-2003

Policy and procedures manuals including the statewide accounting and reporting system (STARS), 1986-2006

Constitutional and Organic Papers

Articles of agreement between the Lords Proprietors, 1674

Constitution of 1776

Constitution of 1778

Constitution of 1790

Constitution of 1865

Constitution of 1868

Constitution of 1895

Bill of Rights, 1789

Nullification ordinances, 1832-1833

Proclamations relating to nullification, 1832-1833

Ordinance declaring the right to secede, 1852

Ordinance of Secession, 1860

Declaration of the immediate causes which induce and justify the secession of South Carolina, 1860

Composite photograph of the delegates, 1895

Corrections, Dept. of

National Corrections Reporting Program data files, 1987-1994

Administrative files of the director of the Dept. of Corrections, 1999-2013

Correspondence of the superintendent/director, 1999-2013

Council on Indigent Defense, South Carolina

Minutes of the Commission on Indigent Defense, 2003-2016

Deaf and Blind, School for the

Minutes of the Board of Commissioners, 2010-2019

Comprehensive permanent improvement plans, 2016-2020

State Auditor’s reports, 1998-2019

Organizational charts, 2008-2020

Accountability reports, 2007-2020

Budget plans, 2015-2020

Minutes of the staff meetings, 2013-2020

Correspondence, 2018

Education, Dept. of

Minutes of the State Board of Education, 1998-2010

Education Lottery, South Carolina

Minutes and meeting files of the Lottery Commission, 2001-2009

Lottery operations presentation, 2003

Education Oversight Committee

Audio recordings of meetings, 2007-2011

DVD Film “When the Bough Breaks”, 2014

Education Television Commission, South Carolina

Audiovisual recordings of the governors’ inaugurals, 2011

Emergency Management Division

Comprehensive emergency management plan, 2009-2011

Hurricane emergency preparedness plans, 2009

Earthquake emergency operations plan, 2008-2010

Operational radiological emergency response plans, 2009-2011

Catastrophic incident response plans, 2009

Forestry Commission, South Carolina

Civilian Conservation Corps files (photographs), ca. 1934-1942

General Assembly

Commons House of Assembly

Sessional Papers, 1718-1725

Free Conference Committee on Home Rule

Free Conference Committee on Home Rule report, 1975

House of Representatives. Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

Legislative reference files, 1995-2002

House of Representatives. Judiciary Committee.

Hearings and exhibits on the impeachment of Marshall C. Sanford, Jr., 2009

House of Representatives. Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee.

Minutes and public hearings of the Medical, Military, Public and Municipal Affairs Committee, 1980-2012

Joint Bond Review Committee

Minutes and meeting files of the Joint Bond Review Committee, 1981-2007

Governor David M. Beasley

Internet home page files of Governor David M. Beasley, 1995-1999

Finding aid for Governor Beasley’s correspondence, 1995-1999

Governor James B. Edwards

Speech File, 1975-1978

Governor James H. Hodges

Speech file, 1999-2002

Public relations files, 1999-2003

CD-ROMs of the website of Governor James Hovis Hodges, 2003

Electronic log of governor’s office correspondence, 1999-2003

Governor John C. West

Youth volunteering public service announcements, ca. 1971-1975

Governor Mark C. Sanford

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request file, 2008-2009

Extraditions and renditions files, 2003-2005

Electronic log of Governor Mark Sanford’s constituent correspondence, 2003-2011

Orders for safekeeper files, 2003-2005

Daily press briefings, 2003-2010, bulk 2003-2005, 2010

Governor Mark Sanford photograph collection, 2002-2011

Proclamation files, 2009-2010

Veto files, 2007-2010

Executive budget proposal working files, 2003-2011

Press Articles, 2003-2010

Governor Nikki R. Haley

Electronic log of Governor Nikki Haley’s constituent correspondence, 2011-2014

Photograph collection, 2012-2016

Recordings of cabinet meetings, 2011-2015

Speeches and other public event remarks, 2011-2016

Central correspondence file, 2014-2017

Veto messages, 2011-2016

Signing statements, 2011-2016

Press conferences and briefings, 2011-2016

Proclamations, 2011-2017

Executive order files, 2011-2017

Local appointments, 2011-2016

Statewide appointments, 2011-2017

Administrative files of the Office of Boards and Commissions, 2011-2016

Unlogged Incoming Correspondence, 2014-2017

Unlogged Outgoing Correspondence, 2013-2016

Correspondence of the Press Secretary, 2014-2017

Correspondence of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Budget and Policy, 2011-2014

Correspondence of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Legislative Affairs, 2011-2017

Correspondence of the Chief Legal Counsel, 2015-2017

Freedom of Information Act files, 2011-2016

Hall of Fame, South Carolina

Inductee Biographical Videos, 2011-2014

Health and Environmental Control, Dept. of

Administrative reference files. 1999-2008

Agency organizational charts, 1999-2023

Birth certificates, 1915-1922

News releases, 1967…2013

Promotional material, 1996-2020

Health and Human Services, Dept. of

Medicaid bulletins, 2005-2013

Central correspondence files, 2006-2015

Higher Education, Commission on

Minutes and meeting materials of the Commission on Higher Education, 1967-2010

Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission

Minutes of the Higher Education Tuition Grants Commission, 1997-2010

Juvenile Justice, Dept. of

Judge Byars Speech, November 8, 2008

Labor, Licensing, and Regulation, Dept. of

Minutes of the State Board of Veterinary Examiners, 2006-2010

Minutes of the Real Estate Appraisers Board, 2004-2009

Minutes of the State Board of Dentistry, 2002-2010

Minutes of the State Athletic Commission, 2000-2010

Minutes of the State Board of Architectural Examiners, 2004-2010

Minutes of the Board of Occupational Therapy, 2006-2009

Minutes of the State Board of Medical Examiners, 2007-2010

Minutes of the State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners, 2003-2010

Minutes of the State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, 2004-2010

Minutes of the Board of Long Term Health Care Administrators, 2002-2010

Minutes of the State Board of Nursing, 2006-2010

Minutes of the Board of Social Work Examiners, 2006-2009

Minutes of the Board of Accountancy, 2003-2010

Minutes and meeting files of the Environmental Certification Board, 2012-2013

Minutes of the South Carolina Panel for Dietetics, 2009-2017

Minutes of the Board of Examiners in Optometry, 1936-2017

Minutes of the Board of Examiners in Opticianry, 1980-2017

Occupational injuries and illness survey, 2007-2014

South Carolina fatal occupational injury tables, 2007-2014

Agency organizational charts, 2015-2023

Legislative Audit Council

Comprehensive agency audit reports, 1976-2022

Minutes and attachments of the Legislative Audit Council, 1981-2018

Program audit reports, 1997-2022

System-wide studies and reports, 1977-2021

Lieutenant Governor

Photographs of Lt. Gov. Bob Peeler’s visit to Carolina Eastman, September 6, 2000

CD-ROMs of the website of Lieutenant Governor Robert Lee Peeler, 2003

Finding aid to Lieutenant Governor Peeler’s correspondence, 1999-2002

Alphabetical administrative reference and subject file, 2011-2017

Mental Health, Dept. of

Administrative, correspondence, and speech files of the director, 1919…2018

Brochures and other promotional material, 2006-2021

Minutes of the Mental Health Commission, 1828-2018

Newsletters (South Carolina State Hospital newsletter, palmetto variety, variety, report, digest, images, weekly bulletin, focus, and legislative news), 1951-2020

Photographic file, 1885-2015

Public relations files, 2003-2022

Military Dept.

CD-ROM of the Adjutant General’s website, 2003

Earthquake emergency operations plan, 2008

Motor Vehicles, Dept. of

Administrative reference files, 1997-2011

Executive correspondence, 2000-2010

Natural Resources, Dept. of

Water resources reports, 2006

Minutes of the Natural Resources Board, 1998-2007

Public information campaign radio announcements, 1996-2000

Report on employee feedback from regional staff meetings in 2000, 2000-2001

DVD of the Tom Yawkey Wildlife Center, 2001

Brochures, flyers, and other public relations material, 1933-2019

Miscellaneous reports, studies, and plans, 1968-2016

Bulletins, notices, and press releases from state and federal agencies, 2016

Press releases, 2001-2018

Department of Natural Resources photographs and image files, 1998-2018

Blogs of the Department of Natural Resources, 2019

South Carolina Wildlife Magazine, 2018-2019

Department of Natural Resources social media files, 2019

Navy, Commissioners of the

Clerk’s pay bill book, 1778-1779

Office of Regulatory Staff

Published reports, 2018

Old Exchange Building Commission

Recordings of Commission meetings, 1986-2017

Audio tour of the Old Exchange Building, ca. 1986-1992

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism, Dept. of

South Carolina: the good life, 1970-2008

Project report on the mapping and site study of the Rivers Bridge Battlefield, 2005

Carolina, a film, ca. 1970-1971

Discovering South Carolina, 2003

Patriot’s Point Development Authority

Minutes and resolutions of the Patriot’s Point Development Authority, 2017-2018

Public Service Authority

Annual Reports of the Public Service Authority, 2005-2006

Minutes of the Public Service Authority, 2009-2010

Secretary of State

Bills of Sale, 1773-1803

Executive orders, 1965-2010

Commissions and appointments database, 1994-2008

List of bonds, 2004-2006

CD-ROMs of the Secretary of State’s website, 2001-2003

Trademarks database, 1982-2004

Municipal corporations index, 1783-1996

Copies of plats and plans, 1728-1800, circa 1820-1821

Sentencing Guidelines Commission

Sentencing and parole databases, 1995-2001

State Housing Finance and Development Authority

Minutes and meeting files of the commissioners of the State Housing Finance and Development Authority, 2003-2015

General correspondence and administrative files of the executive director, 2004-2015

State Treasurer

CD-ROMs of the State Treasurer’s website, 2003

State Library

Minutes of the State Library Board, 2007-2018

Transportation, Dept. of

Movie film of the Silas Pearman Bridge, ca. 1966-1967

Highway construction allotment advice, 1927-2015

State Highway Department 60th anniversary film, 1977

Accountability reports, 1999-2020

Rail implementation plan reports, 2015-2020

Comprehensive permanent improvement plans, 2015-2017

Annual transit reports, 2014-2021

Legislative reports, 2014-2017

Annual reports, 2001-2022

Annual C Fund Program reports, 2000-2018

Miscellaneous reports, 2001-2015

Minutes of the Dept. of Transportation Commission, 1988-2008

Strategic ten-year asset management plan, 2022

Tricentennial Commission

Opening week parade video tapes, 1970

Vocational Rehabilitation Department, South Carolina

Agency organizational charts, 2018

Minutes and meeting files of the Board of the State Agency of Vocational Rehabilitation, 2018

Public relations files, 2015-2018

Minutes of the Council on Rehabilitation Education, 2018

Wil Lou Gray School (West Columbia, SC)

Minutes of the Board of Trustees, 1957-2018

Women, Commission on

Minutes of the Commission on Women, 2006-2009

Administrative, correspondence, and reference file, 2006-2009

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